Alejandro is Post-doctoral Researcher at Sociological Research Centre on Everyday Life and Work (QUIT) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is currently participating in the coordination of European projects focused on changes in the labour market, employment relations and organizations. In addition, he works as correspondent in Spain for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND). His PhD deals with the job quality in outsourced services. His research interest is primally focused on issues of employment relations, collective bargaining, labour market inclusion and sociology of organizations. Recent work was published in Employee Relations: The International Journal, the ETUI publications and Edward Elgar Publishing.

Recent publications:

Godino, A. & Molina, O. (2021), The industrial relations chameleon: collective bargaining in the facility management business. Employee Relations, ahead-of-print.

Molina, O., & Godino, A. (2021). Scars that Never Heal: Dualisation and Youth Employment Policies in Spain from the Great Recession to the Corona Crisis. Sociologia del Lavoro, 159, 111-132, doi:10.3280/SL2021-159006

Godino, A., & Barrientos, D. (2021). Permitted to work but lacking opportunities to integrate – asylum seekers and refugees on the mezzanine in Spain. In Betwixt and between: Integrating Refugees into the EU Labour Market; Galgóczi, B., Ed.; ETUI: Brussels, Belgium, 2021; pp. 219–245. ISBN 9782874525865